CME Awards Program

Export 2021

The Export award is granted each year to a company demonstrating excellence in expanding into geographic markets and through significant and sustained export sales. This company has achieved a certain degree revenue growth either through regular operations or the creation of additional product lines or the innovation of existing designs. They exhibit good corporate citizenship and have contributed to the expansion of Manitoban and Canadian employment.



RTDS Technologies

It was an uphill battle trying to the convince an analog world that the future was digital. But the fight was worth it: the five Canadians (Rick Kuffel, Rudi Wierckx, Trevor Maguire, James Giesbrecht, and Neil Mackenzie) who believed in real-time digital simulation were right. And after eight years of development, they founded RTDS Technologies in 1994 — shortly after sending the world’s first-ever real-time digital simulator to Hitachi for installation. From that moment on, RTDS Technologies introduced a level of accessibility and flexibility that had never been seen before by the power industry. And after changing the industry, it dominated it, remaining the market’s most trusted, powerful, and accurate real-time simulation technology available. Twenty-five years later, RTDS Technologies has installed over 1,800 units of hardware across in over 50 countries and six continents, and employs over 75 people: a team mostly composed of power system engineers, software developers, and hardware technicians. Discover how RTDS Technologies allows leading institutions to validate and de-risk new protection and control solutions by visiting


    Canadian Kraft Paper Industries

    After 45 years, the pulp and paper mill in The Pas, Manitoba was finally shutting down. The adjacent sawmill had been shuttered ten years prior and the small, isolated town of 5,000 (located 400 miles north of Winnipeg) braced for the final economic shock. In extreme time pressures, an AIAC affiliated company, Canadian Kraft Paper Industries (CKPI), successfully purchased the mill 3 weeks before the planned shutdown. In 18 months, the mill went from multi-million losses in 2016 to a profitable 2017 to record profitability in 2018, all of which was re-invested into the mill in the form of capex and working capital.
    Canadian Kraft Paper Industries Ltd. distributes unbleached kraft paper globally including USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Central South America, Europe, Middle East, Egypt, Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan and of course Canada. Their global reach includes major developed markets for uses such as agriculture and food service, as well as emerging countries for construction and chemical applications.


      Floform .

      FLOFORM has a proud history of quality craftsmanship dating back more than 50 years. Established in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1961 by brothers Harry, Frank and John Dyck, the first FLOFORM Countertops location was a 7,000 square foot facility on the corner of St. Mary’s and Oustic Avenue. FLOFORM took its name from a new countertop technology, “post-form laminate”, which it helped pioneer in Manitoba.

      Today, FLOFORM continues to help homeowners and businesses select, create and install countertops with just the right balance of storage, style, and comfort, albeit on a larger scale. With head offices in Winnipeg, it operates 15 retail showrooms and five manufacturing facilities across Western Canada and the North-West USA. Through its three stone manufacturing facilities and two postform plants using state of the art equipment, FLOFORM has a production capacity of over 300 countertops per day and installs in excess of 30,000 countertops annually.

      FLOFORM is an exclusive fabricator of Cambria, the only family owned, North American made producer of natural quartz surfaces. In addition to Cambria quartz, FLOFORM offers a variety of other countertop surface options including solid surface, laminates and wood countertops to both the residential and commercial markets. 


        Friesens Corporation (Friesens Corporation)

        From humble beginnings in 1907, Friesens Corporation has grown into a premier short-run book manufacturer and packaging specialist. Friesens is proud to produce high-quality solutions for top
        publishers, schools and consumer brands throughout North America. Their products include art and coffee-table books, yearbooks, self-publishing services, rigid carton packaging, and highly decorative thermoformed packaging.

        Friesens is 100% employee-owned and operated. Based in Altona, Manitoba, the company employs nearly 600 owners, which translates to roughly14 per cent of the community.

        Friesens has grown through steady export sales and strategic foresight. During the 2008 economic downturn the company maintained a full sales force in the United States while many others cut back. Despite challenges, when the book publishing market finally began to rebound in 2014, Friesens was well positioned for profitable growth. Today the company exports 50 per cent of its products to the United States.

        "We maintain the most efficient cost structure through ongoing staff education, LEAN work practices, state-of-the-art equipment, and some of the most innovative production facilities in the world." - Chad Friesen, President

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          BEHLEN Industries LP

          BEHLEN Industries LP was established in 1969 in Brandon, Manitoba and is Canada’s largest manufacturer of steel building systems.

          Over the past 45 years, BEHLEN Industries LP has provided building solutions to North America’s leading organizations and has expanded to serve customers worldwide. BEHLEN achieved this growth and recognition through commitment to quality and customer service.

          The first North American steel building manufacturer registered to ISO 9001, BEHLEN Industries LP is certified to CSA standard A660, the Canadian standard for Steel Building Systems, and is a member of Canadian Institute of Steel Construction as a Steel Fabricator. BEHLEN has been recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Private Companies since 1997, with Platinum stats since 2003

          “The diversity of our product line empowers us to provide a variety of cost effective building systems to successfully approach international markets’ needs for industrial, commercial, recreational and institutional facilities” says Sean Lepper, Vice President & General Manager

          The company services and sells the market in partnership through its Authorized Builder network, which spans all of North America and parts of Europe. BEHLEN Industries LP is committed to providing quality products and services through cost effective building solutions on time and on budget.

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            Black Cat Blades .

             “Our culture is driven by the rewards of honesty, integrity, trust and high achievement with respect for each other, our assets and our environment. These values will not be compromised for profit.”- Black Cat Blades

            Black Cat Blades Ltd. has multiple locations dedicated to production, distribution and warehousing located in Edmonton, Selkirk, Su Zhou, China and DeWitt, IA. Black Cat has export experience with over 70 different countries, states, and provinces around the world, and are actively pursuing over 200 new export opportunities.

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              Hylife Ltd.

              HyLife is one of North America’s most successful pork production companies.  HyLife began in 1995 and has grown to the largest privately held hog production company in Canada, and the 12th largest in North America. HyLife has diversified from raising feeder pigs, to finishing market hogs and selling genetics in several different continents.  In 2008 HyLife moved further up the value chain when it acquired HyLife Foods Processing Plant and today is processing 1.6 million pigs per year.  With this growth comes many opportunities which HyLife continues to explore alongside its 1,760 employees.


                Cubex .

                With more than 35 years experience in the supply of mining equipment for the global mining market, Cubex has an install base of more than 500 underground drills and supporting products. Cubex has been established as the global leader in designing and manufacturing underground In-The- Hole (ITH) drill rigs.

                Cubex's line of track mounted or rubber-tired articulated drill rigs and booster compressors deliver superior drilling at a lower cost per ton for production. The robust ITH drills can also be utilized for drilling service holes, V-30 slot-raising and Wassara Water Hammer applications.

                The company has expanded progressively with leading edge equipment designed for a wide variety of drilling applications.


                  Conviron .

                  Established in 1964, Conviron is the world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of controlled environment systems for plant science research. Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Conviron employs a global sales, distribution, and service network. Its products can be found in more than 90 countries worldwide, with projects ranging from single-chamber installations to large-scale, multi-chamber plant growth facilities designed and supplied entirely by Conviron. Conviron’s innovative design and manufacturing expertise has established it as the industry leader with products that are proven, reliable and robust. As an ISO 9001 company, its products meet universally recognized quality and safety standards.

                  As a fully integrated supplier of controlled environment systems, Conviron’s services encompass the entire project life-cycle - from project consultation to manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and on-going maintenance and service. Its specialized equipment includes reach-in chambers, walk-in rooms and research greenhouses that precisely control light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and other gases, as well as other environmental conditions. With a staff that includes more than 35 specially trained engineers, technicians and controls experts, Conviron is well equipped to supply both standard and custom applications for its clients.


                    Magellan Aerospace

                    Magellan Aerospace is once of the world’s most integrated and comprehensive aerospace industry
                    suppliers. Magellan designs, engineers, and manufactures aeroengine and aerostructure assemblies and
                    components for aerospace markets, advanced products for military and space markets, and
                    complementary specialty products. Magellan Aerospace is a global organization with facilities
                    throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and India.


                      E.H. Price Limited

                      E.H. Price Limited is a Canadian manufacturer of Air distribution products, Heating equipment, except electric & warm air furnaces, Sheet Metal Work, Miscellaneous fabricated wire products, Industrial and commercial fans, blowers, Electrical industrial apparatus

                        Westfield .

                        Westfield is North American's leading manufacturer of portable grain handling equipment. Westfield Industries was founded in 1950.


                          Can-Oat Milling

                          Can-Oat Milling is the largest industrial supplier of oat ingredients in the world, producing over 500 million pounds of oat products per year.

                          The company operates three oat milling facilities strategically located in the heart of the best oat growing region in North America. The first mill, built in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba in 1991, produces a full range of oat products in several packaging options.

                          The mill in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was constructed in 1997 and specializes in manufacturing groats for further processing into flakes, flour, and bran for the Portage la Prairie mill and other customer destinations.

                          In 2006, Can-Oat acquired an oat and barley mill located north of Edmonton, near Barrhead, Alberta. This organic certified facility is competitively positioned to supply the West Coast and Pacific export markets.
                          Can-Oat Milling's vision is to be the Most Dynamic Oat Processor in the World, which has been achieved through a dedication to quality, service and customer value.





                            New Flyer Industries

                            New Flyer Industries is the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit vehicles in Canada and the United States. They offer the broadest product line in the industry with alternative-fuel drive systems, electric trolleys, gasoline-electric and diesel-electric hybrid vehicles, as well as proven and reliable diesel buses.
                            New Flyer's five Core Operating Principles are based on a solid foundation of safety and quality. With their commitment to customers, employees and suppliers, New Flyer is able to offer the most innovative and comprehensive product lines and services with sustainable processes that contribute to their efforts of continuous improvement.

                            From breaking new ground with low-floor buses to pioneering cleaner propulsion systems, innovation and excellence have taken New Flyer to the top of the industry, making them the worthy recipient for the 2008 Manitoba Export Award.


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